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Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. is the official distributor of Canadian Solar, which produces high quality panels with excellent value for money. Canadian Solar is also present in Europe for a better after-sales services.

Standard warranty is as follows: 10-year warranty for material and workmanship, and a linear power performance warranty that guarantees the actual power output of its modules will be no less than 97% of the labeled power output during the first year, and will decline by no more than 0.7% annually so that by the end of year 25 the actual power output will be no less than 80% of the module’s labeled power output TOP100-SOLAR


- Immediate coverage (no waiting period)
- 25-year non-cancellable term (even if Canadian Solar becomes insolvent or bankrupt)
- A.M. Best rated “A” VIII or better investment grade insurance underwriters (enhanced bankability)
- Insurance Program fully insures the Comprehensive Canadian Solar Warranty including design defect,
workmanship and power output coverage
- Allowing Third-Party policy rights (satisfies investors/bankers requirements)


Canadian Solar is a vertically integrated manufacturer of ingots, wafers, cells, solar modules and photovoltaic applications designed to measure. Canadian Solar was founded in Canada in 2001 and was listed with success on the NASDAQ Exchange (simobolo: CSIQ) in November 2006. 
Since the end of 2008 Canadian Solar has a total production capacity of over 600MW of modules. With a turnover of 709 million dollars in 2008, an increase of 134% compared to 2007, Canadian Solar is one of the fastest growing companies in the solar industry. 

  Main features: 

    * 10 years product warranty (material and workmanship); 
      25 years linear performance guarantee 
    * Market leader in the tolerance range 0+ 5W 
    * Forms resistant over 5400 Pa (snow load) 
    * The first largest manufacturer of PV certified to ISO 16949 since 2003 
    * ISO17025 certificate, certification of testing laboratories owned by the manufacturer, full satisfaction of the test standards IEC, TUV, UL. 
    * Modules certified IEC 61215, IEC61730, TUV class II, UL 1703, CE
    * Ammoniac and Salt Tested 


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